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[logo for] The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
Site for the English pop group The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy. At over 3500 dynamic webpages, this is one of the largest band sites on the web. Started in 1994, it is also one of the oldest. HTDB and The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy website grew up together.

[logo for] Esophagus Dot Com
Crucible for web and print creative projects by Dan Kletter.

[logo for] Wilson
The Northampton, England pop group, fronted by The Jazz Butcher's Pat Fish.

Virtually Friendless
The least successful online networking community.

[logo for] the MNS lab
The MNS Lab is a dynamic website chronicalling the adventures of genre-defying musician DJ Ginsu.

[logo for] Demoncracy
What you get when your government is un-elected and pathologically criminal.

[logo for] The Parts Of Speech Liberation Front
The umbrella for web projects of David Whittemore.

[logo for] Cross-Pollenation, Ltd.
A public BLOG.

[logo for] Neil West
World traveller.

[logo for] Sumosonic
Site for the English pop group Sumosonic.

[logo for] Glancing Blows, Inc
Found-object art site.

[logo for] 700 West Studio
Historical site for the 700 West Recording Studios, home of such now-collectible bands as Zerfas, Primevil, Mo, and Jubal.

[logo for] Inopportunities, Ltd.
The only website that keeps 9-5 business hours.

[logo for]

[logo for] Fun O Plenty

Deceased Installations
[logo for] Bigbook
Bigbook (now superpages) was an extremely popular early effort to bring yellow pages online and to sell expanded websites to offline businesses. HTDB methods were used in the dynamic page generation and extensively in the online "swipe your card" business site-building widget.

[logo for] Netcom Online Communications
Before being absorbed by ICG/Mindspring/Earthlink, NETCOM was the 3rd largest ISP in the US. HTDB was used in the NSAPI modules of the Netscape Server to handle the millions of page requests serviced daily. All of the online NETCOM user tools were written natively in HTDB.

[logo for] Garageband Records
Garageband Records was a large, popular online record company where tens of thousands of bands' songs participate in peer-reviewed rankings contests based upon visitors' blind reviews. HTDB was used extensively to generate the dynamic webpages and many backend database operations.

[logo for] Main Event Publishing
Main Event Publishing was a small London-based company of veteran journalists and photographers. This site was highly database-driven, with all textual information managed via a web-based administrative interface with secure credential-checking.

[logo for] Celebration Center Church
In Woodland, California. Web-based site creation and upkeep.


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