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    If you've built or manage a moderate-sized website, you probably suspect there's gotta be a better way to organize and publish web content.

    HTDB addresses this challenge by organizing related documents into editable datafiles which are processed by the HTDB engine at page request time.

    Designers may extend HTML with macros or take advanage of HTDB's built-in functions and frameworks to simplify page-building.

    The core (C-language) library brings a database layer, encryption, sessioning, a scripting language, and is programmer-extendable via shared libraries.

    The goal is to remove all HTML from your programs, and to make your programs' calculations available to content developers with minial effort. The API allows the programmer to "plug" values back into HTML documents at run-time. Some people call this an "Model-View-Controller" architecture.

    By separating the HTML from the programs, the worlds of content developers and site programmers are now nicely deliniated - your content team concentrates on HTML, and your programmers program.

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OS X now supported!
the 'tuck - del
20Jan2006 1:34 PM (18 years 181 days ago)
HTDB now compiles (assuming the correct dependencies are installed) cleanly under OS X.

expect better recipes for installing to be forthcoming, but this is a huge milestone for us.

yipee! released
the 'tuck - del
20Jan2006 11:32 AM (18 years 181 days ago)
contributor ben osheroff has made changes to allow custom GET/POST processing, better XML support, some friendly helper functions.

all of which warrants a new minor version bump.

Downloads now available!
del - The 'Tuck
20Jun2005 12:26 PM (19 years 30 days ago)
after, um, 11 years of hard work and hard slacking, HTDB is now available for download to the general public in tarball form.

the install should be fairly smooth for those using linux (redhat/suse both tested). solaris and irix may be a bit more difficult, and getting a mac osx install will require a professional propellor-head.

windows? don't even bother, unless you're willing to port and send the diffs.

leave comments on your successes and/or failures over in the Download feedback area.

thanks for your patience... and good luck!
undefine(), misc fixes
del - The 'Tuck
15Feb2005 12:24 AM (19 years 155 days ago)
i've run into a couple of situations recently where it would have been cleaner to be able to *remove* some things from the runtime environment instead of just "zero-ing them out."

as such, i've added ${undefine()} and the C-equivalent: htdb_undefine().

i'm going to let things run awhile before i go ahead and start using htdb_undefine() in low-level functions, but the functionality is now there.

cookies are now protected from sql-injection attempts (in the unlikely case that encryption were broken). also an instance where sockets were not being closed was patched up.
nested whiles/loops fixed
del - The 'Tuck
24Aug2004 6:03 PM (19 years 329 days ago)
Kudos to Ben Osheroff for tackling the longstanding issue with the scripted "while" and "loop" syntax being far too fragile for their own good.

"while" and "loop" no longer are required to be preceeded by a tab.

Ben also altered the internal logic to allow arbitrary nesting of whiles and loops - previously, script writers were limited to a depth of two nested whiles and/or loops.
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