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Tarball Distributions

NOTE: These tarballs are Unix/Linux install packages containing the source code to HTDB, which must then be configured, compiled and installed. Feel free to proceed if you understand what all that means.

Latest Version

  • htdb-
    Mon Mar 17 15:00:01 PDT 2014
    • del: removed adkeys/affiliate/language/cobranding
    • del: fixed some compiler warnings on type
    • del: fixed xml code error
    • del: remove google urchins and search API support

Older Versions

  • htdb-
    Wed Jan 2 20:27:51 PST 2008
    • del: logic error fixed on gokey generation
    • del: feedback path correction in example script
    • sewell: linkAjax() and formTagAjax()
    • del: ternary tree preparation work
    • del: split ttg & verbage functionality into own modules
    • del: corrected libdbi include path
    • del: added htdb_timestamp_gmt()
    • del: don't allow conf* args to be overridden
  • htdb-
    Fri Jan 20 13:28:21 PST 2006
    • del: now compiles and runs under OS X!
    • Osheroff: accessors.c: added the obvious but as-yet un-coded htdb_getptrfloat()
    • Osheroff: db.c: log errors from dbUpdate() like dbInsert() does
    • Osheroff: debug.c: log_file() no longer segfaults the cgi if it can't open the requested file
    • Osheroff: xml.c: xml files without whitespace (before, it hated files without whitespace), filter inbound strings with filterProgramArguments(), stderr debug logging -> log_file, minor refactoring
    • Osheroff: removed MALLOC/REALLOC checks
  • htdb-1.0.8.tar.gz
    Thu Jan 12 07:51:53 PST 2006
    • Osheroff added dso_xmlSafe
    • style-sheeted and added some measure of anti-spam intelligence to the feedback script
    • if compiled w/out database, then no need to bomb out if we can't connect, eh..
    • improved bootstrap and logic for smoother install
    • BLOB field detection utilized mysql-currently-approved methods
    • Osheroff tweaked innards of _replace() to (properly) prevent same-string replacement
    • Osheroff fixed htdb_setfloat() memory issue
    • added 'cgi->upload*' variable stuffing as an eventual 'upload.*.X' phase-out
    • now able to create apps that don't assume database connectivity
    • sewell added dso_getMortgagePayment()
    • if replace() tried to replace with the same as the search, loop would never exit
    • added 'confUploadSizeLimit'
    • added missing free after buffer evaluation
    • sql bootstrapping script updates
    • was not evaluating encryption keys before usage which prevented 'se1'-type keys from working as advertised
    • added db.htdb to dist; needed by the htdb_db app
    • fixed socket-closing bug
    • added htdb_dynamicResultList()
    • added *_undefine() resource deletion suite
    • run cookies through database-safety routine to prevent chance of sql-injection
    • added htdb_hash_delete() & htdb_undefine(), etc
    • added (ben's) htdb_clearXML_recurse() & htdb_clearXML()
  • htdb-1.0.7.tar.gz
    Mon Dec 6 23:59:14 PST 2004
    • added 'uncgi' object to hold names of GET/POST variables
    • added hooks for libming-based flash generation code
    • added htdb_socket*(); src/lib/socket.c
  • htdb-1.0.6.tar.gz
    Fri Oct 22 16:33:43 PDT 2004
    • unlimited nesting of while/loop added by Ben Osheroff
    • while/loop no longer required to be preceeded by a TAB
    • added htdb_getobjfloat(), dso_parseFloat(), htdb_parseFloat()
    • htdb_dbQueryResult_log(), htdb_dbWaitSync()
  • htdb-1.0.5.tar.gz
    Tue Aug 24 18:15:10 PDT 2004
    • added src/experimental/perl/
    • cookie expiration now controllable via confCookieExpiration value from config.htdb
    • added "src/dso/financial.c" and "" - thanks, Sewells!
    • split "src/dso/dso_funcs.c" into several files, related by functions.
    • fixed bug in itor() call
    • added RFC282 and ISO8601 date format parsing and translation
    • fixed off-by one bug in htdb_wget(), namespace parsing error in xml.c
    • touched up some bad schema defs in htdb.sql
    • added rss2html.htdb to the examples directory
    • _htdb_root-setting logic much simplified/not dependent upon "htdocs"
    • added libxml2 support
    • added libcurl support
    • added ${rss()} RSS aggregator support
    • moved "joke" code into novelty.c
    • resource-ified error document links
    • much routine renaming to htdb_*()
    • removed some un-used routines
  • htdb-1.0.4.tar.gz
    Sat Jun 19 10:10:18 PDT 2004
    • for cleaner installs, all apps prefixed with `htdb_', docs has htdb subdirectory
    • extended the appinfo structure to include a `cmd_args' element
    • added a perl script that checks syntax of htdb scripts
    • added a simple command-line version of htdb_wget
    • added a simple wget() capability, with hooks for libcurl
    • added a bunch of form handler scripts to static.htdb
    • added coding thoughts for a new language syntax and parser into src/experimental
    • moved the old PerlXS code into the new src/experimental directory
    • added the `htdb_config' program to assist in configuring packages built using libhtdb
    • allow the extistence of 'Content-Type:' at the top of a document to over-ride the extension-defined value.
    • added confContentType[*] to config.htdb to allow extensible handling of document types.
    • compiling now with -fno-ident for eventual OSX port.
    • a really simple change to improve application start-up performance.
    • now using current:revision:age mechanism for .so naming
    • added static_setvarg(), static_setarrayval(), static_setobjval(), static_equal()
    • added "bytes" value to binary resources
    • made libhtdb apps able to detect if config.htdb had not yet been configured
    • cleaned up configure script enable/disable messages
    • additional arguments were being ignored when htdb applications were run from the command-line.
    • code cleanup
    • the license is still not yet determined
  • htdb-1.0.0.tar.gz
    Wed May 19 12:42:00 PDT 2004
    • initial semi-public release.
    • the license is not yet determined.
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