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code re-org
del - woodtucky - 15Feb2004 11:58 PM
spent the evening upgrading to apache2 and mysql4 and all that entails.

in the process, i also moved the htdb code out of the apache tree and into /usr/local/htdb - where it shall now live while it awaits apache "mod"-ification

internals tweaking
woodtucky - del - 4Sep2003 7:53 PM
found some optimizations in inner loops and related to script functions. production tests show a 5-10% performance increase and lowered overhead - always a good thing.

also playing around with database query caching.

object sorting
del - woodtucky - 8Apr2003 5:48 PM
a powerful concept - object sorting - was recently added to the core of htdb, and a DSO was added for script-use.

in short, a one-liner allows database results stored in htdb objects to be quicksorted on any of the fields that object contains.

on other fronts, the longterm goal of "evaluate at runtime" is tantalizingly close to being realized. unfortunately, this is one architectural change that will impact existing htdb scripts to some degree.

aren't you glad you don't have an existing htdb installation? :-]

date() and braille() functions
del - woodtucky - 13Nov2002 12:12 AM
those familiar with PHP will appreciate the new date/time DSO: date().

the format arguments mimic those in PHP, although the timestamp argument may be of nearly any known date/time format - unlike PHP.

for the blind among you, there is now the braille() DSO - which will convert any text into braille.

date/time parsing
del - woodtucky - 23Sep2002 11:03 PM
i've extended the family of date/time routines to be able to parse "ddMmmYYYY" and "MM/DD/YYYY" style formatting.

as in...

30Sep1964 or 09/30/1964 or 9/30/1964

not earth shattering, but useful nonetheless.

valgrind is king
del - woodtucky - 28Jul2002 8:58 PM
if you're a software developer, you NEED valgrind (

what is it? it is a virtual machine in which you run your programs and it helps spot botched memory accesses, leaks and frees.

i just spent several hours smoothing out some very subtle mini-bugs in htdblib using valgrind.

oh.. it only runs under linux. sorry suckas

More on localization
del - Woodtucky - 2Jul2002 4:37 PM
i just changed strings used for month names and weekday names from being compiled-in to being looked-up.

because otherwise there'd be no way to have them show up in, say, Czech.

so now there's a "locale.htdb" file included in the distribution that can be tailored to your installation.

multiple database support!
del - woodtucky - 25Apr2002 7:25 PM

i just solved the very hard problem of *nicely* allowing an application to have muliple cached connections to arbitrary databases.

this work was needed to support using mysql in a master/slave configuration, but the solution used allows for an arbitrary number of configuration-file-specified databases.

very clean, very nice.

a good day, indeed.

del - woodtucky - 22Apr2002 11:09 PM
lots of changes were just completed to the entire suite of date/time routines and filter functions.

before, it always annoyed me how the functions that manipulated mysql date/time strings were rather mysql-specific and not very pretty to use.

now, the routines are very consistent and much smarter about how they act upon the data that you feed to them.

all in all, i've quite pleased that this part of the software has been smoothed-out.

extensible crypto/filters
woodtucky - del - 10Apr2002 9:26 PM

i've chucked the hardcoded cryptography and made the crypto, the crypto keys and even the crypto algos be configurable.

using this method, any HTDB installation may choose to use their crypto of choice and maintain their own versioning - without affecting the underlying architecture.

ideally, this should link into the libmcrypt encryption library, which includes several familes of encryption algo.

as time permits..

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