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OS X now supported!
the 'tuck - del - 20Jan2006 1:34 PM
HTDB now compiles (assuming the correct dependencies are installed) cleanly under OS X.

expect better recipes for installing to be forthcoming, but this is a huge milestone for us.

yipee! released
the 'tuck - del - 20Jan2006 11:32 AM
contributor ben osheroff has made changes to allow custom GET/POST processing, better XML support, some friendly helper functions.

all of which warrants a new minor version bump.

Downloads now available!
del - The 'Tuck - 20Jun2005 12:26 PM
after, um, 11 years of hard work and hard slacking, HTDB is now available for download to the general public in tarball form.

the install should be fairly smooth for those using linux (redhat/suse both tested). solaris and irix may be a bit more difficult, and getting a mac osx install will require a professional propellor-head.

windows? don't even bother, unless you're willing to port and send the diffs.

leave comments on your successes and/or failures over in the Download feedback area.

thanks for your patience... and good luck!

undefine(), misc fixes
del - The 'Tuck - 15Feb2005 12:24 AM
i've run into a couple of situations recently where it would have been cleaner to be able to *remove* some things from the runtime environment instead of just "zero-ing them out."

as such, i've added ${undefine()} and the C-equivalent: htdb_undefine().

i'm going to let things run awhile before i go ahead and start using htdb_undefine() in low-level functions, but the functionality is now there.

cookies are now protected from sql-injection attempts (in the unlikely case that encryption were broken). also an instance where sockets were not being closed was patched up.

nested whiles/loops fixed
del - The 'Tuck - 24Aug2004 6:03 PM
Kudos to Ben Osheroff for tackling the longstanding issue with the scripted "while" and "loop" syntax being far too fragile for their own good.

"while" and "loop" no longer are required to be preceeded by a tab.

Ben also altered the internal logic to allow arbitrary nesting of whiles and loops - previously, script writers were limited to a depth of two nested whiles and/or loops.

DSO re-org, future work..
del - The 'Tuck - 8Aug2004 6:48 PM
the monolithic DSO source file 'dso_funcs.c' has been broken down into several new files which contain functionally-related code.

cookie expiration is now a configurable thing.

i'm also working on a pretty interesting way to build apps entirely from DSO calls; cgi page requests can be made to map directly to DSO function calls - instead of having to do the "if page == .., else if page ==" (with an optional page-to-function mapping lookup).

this is in a proof-of-concept phase, but looks promising. one intriguing thing is that page requests can map to either DSO functions, or to script functions - which should make for an interesting way to build "cgi-like" apps without actually having to compile anything, if you don't desire to.

lots of little changes
del - The 'Tuck - 19Jun2004 12:42 PM
i have to admit - maintaining a software project is a lot of work. one has to be mindful of future users' needs and expectations. applications need to follow sane naming conventions, there need to be help files for everything: how to obtain, how to build, how to configure, how to troubleshoot, how to use in a web environment, how to use in a stand-alone environment, how to script, how to program, etc, etc.

the libhtdb distribution is currently 900k compressed. that's a lot of stress to the carpus!

del - The 'Tuck - 13Jun2004 3:12 PM
recently added a poor-man's "wget" functionality to htdb, which allows one to go and suck down documents from URLs. comes in both DSO (scriptable) and library usable forms.

socket() and alarm() and fork(), oh my!

Just... About... Ready For Release
del - The 'Tuck - 2Jun2004 10:56 AM
I've got the htdb distribution all packaged up nicely into the expected "configure ; make ; make install" tarball.

But it isn't going out the door until I determine what the proper license will be. GPL seems to take away too much control. BSD seems nicer.

This'll hopefully get sorted out in the next few weeks as I do my homework.

impending release of software
del - woodtucky - 26Apr2004 12:48 AM
i spent the weekend bashing the htdb code into automake/autoconf form - ish.

the DSO libraries are a bit of a bitch to get right with libtool, so that's not done yet.

also, "make install" isn't there yet, so the installation directory *is* the build directory (for now).

that said, we're inching closer. thanks for your patience.

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